Our Mission

We understand that finding clients in the beauty industry is an extremely difficult part of running a beauty business. We want to provide beauty professionals with an outlet to find those clients and give clients a database of the best talent around their area as efficiently as possible. 


The mission of SRVHUB is to provide on-demand, professional, reliable, and timely beauty services by utilizing the innovative SRVHUB App. 

Our team


Brandan j. burke


Brandan J. Burke was born in Rhode Island Woman and Infants hospital. He grew up in New Bedford MA, and spent most of his   middle school years in Norfolk, Virginia. He then moved back to New Bedford for High School. Brandan clearly has always been on the move. During his high school years, he played 3 sports and he was inducted into the National Honor Society. 


Brandan wanted to continue his academic career and decided to go to the University of Hartford  for Audio and Electrical Engineering. While attending the UHART, he was actively involved in numerous groups such as NSBE, VIBEZ, and fashion show. 


Since graduating, he has experience as an AV Technician at Novartis, one of the top Pharmaceutical companies in the world. While doing this, Brandan also has started several businesses. 



Being born and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire, Grantham has always had the knack to turn negative experiences into a positive outcome. 

Grantham has done everything from hosting live events to speaking motivation at school and church engagements. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Regality Entertainment and Founder of Godfidence Ministries.

Grantham studied Business Management and Marketing at the University of Hartford and received his Master's degree in Business Administration from Florida International University. He began his professional entrepreneurial career at 19 years old with his first business, Regality Photography. 

His best attribute is his ability to communicate, making his guests and subjects feel comfortable allowing them to have candid and genuine conversations.


Devaughn Senna


Devaughn Senna is a driven individual with relentless grit. He has excellent communication skills and a sense of humor that draws the attention of anyone he comes in contact with. His love for sports in high school ultimately led him to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science from Bridgewater State University.


During his senior year of college, Devaughn founded the popular T-shirt brand, MuscleMass which promotes the importance of physical fitness while displaying pride in Massachusetts residency. The logo for the brand depicts the state of Massachusetts with the Cape Cod “hook” resembling a flexing arm. Devaughn also has a life-long commitment to pay it forward. He has demonstrated that with his volunteer position in Multicultural Affairs at his school as well as his summer job in which he mentored young children while teaching them about sports.


Devaughn’s creativity, solid work ethic, and desire to give back is what makes him a valuable asset to SRVHUB.