Are You Taking Care of Your Skin?

Updated: Feb 25

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing your facial routine right? If the face mask goes before or after washing your face? Ever wondered why your face is never cleared, not even for at least a week? Ever wanted clear skin and not having to continuously use filters and an overload of makeup to hide your acne and dark spots? Well grab a pen and a notebook cause brothers and sisters, you don’t want to miss out. 


First off, you should DEFINITELY have a daily skincare routine. It is very important to wash your face daily: morning and night, use a toner and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS moisturize. During the day, your face goes through a lot: your hands are touching it, other people’s hands are touching it, the outside air is hitting it, dirt is getting into your pores, face mites are crawling over your face, and so on. Having a skincare routine allows you to take better care of your face and helps prevent acne and black spots. 

There are five daily steps and seven weekly steps to a great skincare routine:

Step one *weekly (or twice a week): FACE MASK

 Use a face mask of your choice or clay base before washing your face. Clay mask helps with acne, oily skin, clogged pores, blackheads, combination skin: skin that is a mixture of oily and dry, and so much more.

Step one *daily: CLEANSE

 Wash your face with a facial cleanser, face wash or a soap use only for your face. When I have acne problems or try to keep my face smooth and moisturize, I use a moisturizing cleansing cream and leave it on for 15 minutes max then wash my face with a face wash or soap. Moisturizing cleansing cream is really good for the skin because it removes dirt, oil, and makeup. It is also good for men to use after shaving, it will leave your skin soft and smooth. 

Step two *weekly: STEAMING

 Once a week, you should steam your face before exfoliating it. Boil some water until you can see a lot of steam, turn down the stove, add 3-4 drops of your favorite facial in the water, remove it from the stove and let it sit for a minute or two. When the water cools down a little, pour it into a big bowl, put your face over it (be careful not to be too close to it) and cover with a towel head to shoulder.

Step two *daily: EXFOLIATE

 You can use an exfoliating scrub and leave it on for 10 minutes after washing your face, then rinse it off with warm water. ALWAYS use warm water when doing your facial routine. NEVER use hot water on your face, no matter how much you like using hot water when taking a shower.

Step three *daily: TONER

 Always use an alcohol base toner after exfoliating your face, it helps get rid of any leftover dirt that was not removed from cleansing your face. You can also use a toner to get rid of makeup. It is always good to use a toner that contains aloe vera.

Step four *daily: SERUM

 Face serums are a little like moisturizers. Face serum goes under your skin and pores to give your skin a smooth and firm structure, and make your pores smaller. 

Step five *daily: MOISTURIZER

 Moisturizer is the last step to the face cleaning routine. There are different types of moisturizers: some for oily skins, others for dry skin, and even some for combination skin. It protects your face from sun damage, and increases the moisture level of your stratum corneum (helps keep moisture in the skin. It is made up of fat, oil, and skin cells).  NEVER forget to use a moisturizer before putting on makeup. 


On a weekly basis, use face mask, steam (you should steam after cleansing your face) and exfoliate. On a monthly basis, if affordable, get a professional facial. You should have a towel dedicated for your face ONLY.


You should avoid things that will make your skin break out such as a lot of sugar, drinking a lot of soda, eating too much candy and chocolate. You should avoid things that can get you stressed due to stress being a big factor to skin break out. You should avoid not having a consistent routine and using incorrect products that don’t go with your skin type. Fun fact: there are face masks that can help relieve stress. 

Wouldn’t you like to be acne free? Taking glowing pictures under the sun and feeling good? Well go ahead and start doing a twice a day skincare routine and see how life changing it is!

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