Starting a Business?

Updated: Feb 25

Have you ever had a business idea but don’t have the motivation or the team to do it? Do you lack the knowledge and or resources to start a business? Are you even sure there is a market for the business you're trying to start? Do you believe that it is impossible to start a business with your busy life and income? I am proof it is possible to start a business with not much knowledge, resources, time, and money. 

The first thing you should do once you have this idea is find a group of friends that have good values, are very trustworthy, understanding of the grind, and will not give up when things become challenging. Having a great group of people around you who are all thinking positively will really make this process much easier than doing it alone!

The Internet could be your best friend when starting a business. I used it to gain knowledge with writing business plans, completing trademarks, and more. One thing that got me excited about this idea is when the team and I were researching where our market for this idea would be. With all of my newfound information it helped fuel my motivation, I started to see the vision and the amount of growth this business could make.

However I still had a feeling like I couldn’t support this idea mentally it seemed impossible to fit this into my already busy schedule. I started to dedicate just one to two hours twice a week researching and coming up with ways to make this business different from everybody else’s. With taking just four hours out of our week we were able to make Tremendous strides and check off milestones for the business. 

If you're still reading and thinking what’s the point of all this. The point is you need to just start with an idea of something and dig into it and the deeper you go into it the more motivated you will be, and the your vision will become much more clear, which will give you the will to finish what you started. 

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